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ABA blown film machine maintenance - targeted maintenance

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ABA blown film machine maintenance - targeted maintenance

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ABA blown film machine maintenance - targeted maintenance

ABA blown film machine

1, the extruder system:

(1) to observe the pressure gauge and the main motor current, clear in time of net

(2) correction of thermocouple and the actual temperature measurement error.

(3) correction of extruder place situation, adjust the sheave ensure extruder placement Angle and level.

(4) check the inverter frequency, current, temperature rise, clean up the motor and frequency converter dust on time.

5. Check the gear box, screw, main motor with and without noise and overheating

2,Feeding machineSystem: clean up the filter in time, check whether there is any leakage on negative pressure feeding system.

3, die system:

1) boot heating to secondary heating method, to avoid temperature overshoot.

(2) the use of pure copper scraper cleaned before a key product material, paraffin wax cleaning membrane, reduce the influence of deposition on the bubble.

(3) after downtime timely protective blanket cover, to avoid the mould damage.(blow machine adopts the method)

(4) periodically check each temperature zone and membrane heating plug-in temperature, current, temperature correction.

(5) correction die head level and center point matching with traction.

6 mold screw removed using torque wrench, torque operation by the regulation, high temperature parts screw using molybdenum disulfide grease.

All landowners banned for welding, cutting die.

4, traction device maintenance: herringbone folding pollution-free, clamping drawing roller pressure (cooling) is suitable for, no condensate, flattening roller flexible operation.

5, electrical maintenance

(1) to ensure power supply is stable, reliable, performance parameters and operator requirements,

(2) to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, keep a good grounding, pay attention to eliminate static electricity.

(3) with some core parts maintenance is prohibited.

(4) clean the radiator on a regular basis.

6, corona processor maintenance:

1) replace the silicone tube in time;

(2) regularly clean high voltage transformer, discharge, discharge frame, electric cabinet, adjust the discharge gap:

3. Check the equipment before starting the humidity, avoid discharge short circuit, check the discharge roller bearing operating temperature.

7, the wind ring maintenance: clear in time the wind ring dust and debris

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