China ABA blown film machine

ABA blown film machine


This line mainly producing the film from LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,MLLDPE,EVA resin, such as, the high value-add lamination film, shopping bags etc.


1, the line adopts the screen changer, it’s reliable, safe in operation and change the flitter easier;

2, the line adopts the various functional parts, such as, automatic counting device, vertical cutting, film spreading roller, waste film collecting device;

3, the line also can adopts the die rotating device, the automatic loader ,corona, waste film recycle system on line according to your need;

Main Technical Parameter

China ABA blown film machine


1, output depending on film width, thickness, mould size, raw material feather etc.

2, for more detail specification, special requirement and quotation, please kindly contact us. The above specification are for reference,the correct specification are subject to official quotation.

3, the screw composition of 2-layer is flexible, can be different sizes like 45+50, 35+40 or other;

ABA blown film machine

ABA blown film machine



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