ABA blown film machine cooling roller and cleaning roller

   ABA have blown film machine cleaning roller is used to remove flow low molecular deposition on the surface of the roller, at the same time, to a certain pressure the pressure of the molten plastic to stretch roller, further eliminate stretch film roll and molten plastic film between air, make the molten film to flow cooling roll, and cooling and curing.

  General cleaning roller is made of steel roller coated on the surface of 20 ~ 25 mm thick and made of rubber.Covering the cleaning roller is commonly silicone rubber, rubber its good heat resistance, good wear resistance, not easy and polyethylene adhesive, easy stripping, non-toxic, easy to operate.Surface should be smooth, without defects, rubber shaw hardness 65 + 2. Open the rubber roller surface helical groove has a "people" word, its role is to further eliminate between film and chill roll into the air, clear in plasticizing adhesion on the surface of the film, in the process of forming precipitates, guarantee the quality of thin film.Its installation position can be adjusted manually, and stretch film roll contact and separation by cylinder.

  Cooling roller adopts (inverter or servo motor + reducer drive, ac frequency conversion or white clothing controller control, speed continuous adjustable precision, to maintain the stretch film roller and traction speed accurate synchronization.

  The structure and flow of cooling roller roller is the same, the seamless steel pipe manufacturing, the diameter of the cooling roll is 300 ~ 600 mm, surface after fine grinding, chrome plating, polishing processing, surface roughness of Rt is 0.1 ~ 0.3 microns, the maximum traction line speed of 100 ~ 600 m/min, cylindricity + (0.01 ~ 0.02) mm, concentricity 0.01 ~ 0.02 mm, roller surface length slightly longer than the die.

  In order to improve the cooling effect, reduce the roll surface temperature, cooling roller design for jacketed type, middle roller jacket is equipped with spiral plate;Is a into a commonly, from one end into the cooling water, the spiral flow, flow from the other side.Advanced structure for double jacketed spiral form, medium into the roller is divided into two port, from left side to enter, along the spiral flow to the right: a second from the right end, flow along the spiral groove to left feeling;Such cross flow more reduced the roller surface temperature difference.

  From extrusion billet of tubular membrane, blown film machine is still in the sticky flow state, the temperature is higher, need to the compressed air cooling and solidification, as soon as possible after blowing to coiling.Otherwise, not fully cooling film, will stick together after coiling.Film cooling with cooling method and cooling method.Generally no internal cooling method.

(1) cooling water ring.

With polypropylene and polyethylene phthalein amine raw material to produce blown film extrusion machine, blown film, require higher transparency of the film, with cooling water quench ring effect is very good.Blowing bubble tube outer diameter and the ring diameter of cooling water, water ring inside the cooling water, cooling water to overflow from the jacketed tube along the bubble.This way of cooling is ideal.Membrane attached to the water drops, after bag cloth guide roller is absorbed.

(2) the cooling air ring.

  Cooling air ring is divided into single draught cooling and double draught cooling two structure forms.

Single draught cooling air ring.The structure of single draught cooling air ring.The wind ring consists of two parts, with combination of threaded connection.Sent of cold air blower, the three air inlet along the tangent direction in the wind ring coat the wind ring, after a couple of adjustable clearance wind ring control, make the air flow is stable to blow out and along the bubble tube outer diameter, thereby cooling bubble tube film cooling curing.

ABA blown film machine



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