Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine and five layers co-extrusion blown film machine?

dalianThree-tier co-extrusion blown film machineFactory specializing in the production of three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine,The five layers co-extrusion blown film machineABA, blown film machine,PE film blowing machineAnd so on, the product quality is reliable, price concessions, products are well received by the masses of users.Before they have to differ?

Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine key features:

Three-tier co-extrusion blow thin line adopts the new type of high efficiency low energy consumption extrusion unit, the IBC film cooling system inside the bubble, + 360 ° for traction on the horizontal rotating system, photoelectric automatic correction device, automatic winding and film tension control, advanced technology such as computer screen automatic control system.Compared with the similar equipment, has a higher yield, good product plasticizing and the advantages of low energy consumption, easy operation, completely solve the film falbala and winding size top problem, make the product quality on a new step.This film because of its good barrier property, keeping fresh, well protected against dampness, frost proof, oxygen insulation, oil resistant, can be widely used for packing weight.Such as all kinds of fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, medical supplies, etc.Produce thin film with high transparency, durability, high toughness, low temperature eager resistance, good composite fastness, and crimp resistant.

The main characteristics of five layers co-extrusion blown film machine:

Five layers co-extrusion blown film line, mainly is suitable for the HDPE, MHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, PA, EVOH resin with gases trap, the production of thin film is mainly used for packaging, high-grade food bag, vacuum bag, liquid packaging bags and other packaging materials, incense, fresh, anti-corrosion, airtight, extend the shelf life of the packing.

Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine



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