Blown film machine in the production of packaging process do you understand?

Blown film machine in the production of packaging process do you understand?Is the role of blown film receive a volume part blow make film winding roll, and roll film flattening wrinkles, edge tidy, scroll on the film to elastic medium, in order to prevent the film tensile deformation, quality assurance, blown film line: blown film is the plastic melt in the extrusion machine plasticizing, by the ring die squeeze film tube, by blowing compressed air to cooling system is made after the film.Blown film line of monolayer film blowing machine and multiplayer co-extrusion blown film machine.specificThree-tier co-extrusion blown film machineProcess is as follows:

1, the system response is sensitive, add, deceleration process can quickly adjust according to the variation of speed and tension level before, assure tension constant;

2, in the whole course of the winding must maintain a constant tension, without the artificial regulation;

3, require that the tension of quantitative, namely can according to the technological requirements of different thin film production to set tension size;

4 not tension is too large, empty volume startup, prevent the membrane wrinkling, plateful to operate without tension is too small, to prevent the film winding too loose.

Stretch film process: general stretch film with multi-layer co-extrusion technology blown film unit, through T film head will melt resin extrusion, and then through the rapid cooling roller film cooling.PE, PP and PA through the stretch film production.

Vacuum aluminum plating process: in the 10-2-10-3 pa high vacuum, with resistance, high frequency, or heating of the electron beam evaporation, aluminium on the film cooling condenses into homogeneous metal film.Evaporation process are intermittent, semicontinuous and continuous type 3 kinds.Commonly used coating materials have PET, PP, PA, PT, PE, PVC, etc.

Gravure printing process: intaglioThe printerRolling device is made, the printing device, ink transfer device, drying device, tension control device, tinted control device and the winding device.It is through the plate to the ink box, then by the scraper will not chase after removing the ink area under the function of embossing roller, transfer ink to printing substrate.

Two-way tensile technique: two-way stretch film will melt extrusion plastic is high vertical and horizontal directions of stretching to finalize the design of thin film, it changes the polymer molecular and the arrangement of segment, make its have the high plane of orientation and crystallinity increase, make the film obviously improve the mechanical strength and surface finish.

Cutting process: cutting technology is the large size film roll into the required size of process, the application of the automatic packaging equipment is more and more widely, more and more in the form of a roller factory.

Process of bag making: composite flexible packaging materials will ultimately made by all kinds of bags to use, and packaging is throughBag making machineTo implement.At present commonly used bag type has three sides sealing bag, zipper bag, conjoined self-reliance bags, self-reliance bags, zipper self-reliance bags, back and bottom sealing bag, back bag sealing side fold, two side sealing bag, thermal fuse bag etc.

Composite process: composite by complement each other, make the combination of several single performance materials into a comprehensive performance of new materials.Composite ways are: dry compound, composite extrusion, hot compound and special coating composite (such as PVDC coated layer), etc.

Goods craft: semi-finished products and finished goods in the plane for rewinding, such as sensors feedback pattern and entered the computer standard sample in the aspects of shape, size, colour beyond a certain range of error, check product machine will automatically stop shall be checked out.Inspection process can reduce the waste after the process and improve the quality of products.

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