PE film blowing machines, and the difference between PP film blowing machine

   PE film blowing machineAnd what is the difference between PP film blowing machine?Simple say PE blown film machine is to use polyethylene as raw material, PP film blowing machine is to use polypropylene as raw materials.

   PE: a polymerization of the vinyl resin, especially used in containers, kitchen appliances and all kinds of pipe, or in the form of rolls and slice for packaging.

Pp: a kind of thermoplastic resin, it is acrylic polymers.They are very hard, and be used to produce castings and fiber.

   Blown film machine is high polymer chemical industry one of the earliest processing products, in the late 1940 s, with the emergence of extrusion, press and other processing methods and the development, such as PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene vinegar successively developed a large number of new varieties of film, greatly expanded in general, the film varieties, USES different, its performance is also different.Blown film machine generally has a transparent, soft, good mechanical properties and performance (e.g., private attached, opening), excellent permeability performance, heat sealing performance, resistance to acid and alkali chemical material such as performance, good oil resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance and low temperature flexibility, etc.Blown film machine, easy to use, widely used in packaging, agriculture, construction and other fields, become indispensable to the development of national economy and People's Daily life.

   Choice of price of plastic blown film machine, clear packaging grade of their products, their products of the material, and then select the machine configuration, buy the machine and the car is the same reason, a penny a points goods, dalian PE blown film vendors would prompt you to get your product to choose blown film machine, our company production of blown film machine, which makes a good variety of PE blown film machine,Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine, ABA blown film machine, don't believe in the myth of the most expensive and don't believe in the myth of the cheapest, choose appropriate own, you are welcome to give us a call.

PE film blowing machine



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