ABA plastic blow molding machine blown film vendors would teach you the maintenance method

ABA plastic blow molding machine blown film vendors would teach you the maintenance method

Plastic machinery, blown film machine has become one of the fastest machinery manufacturing in professional, in increasing demand.Rapid development of plastic processing industry and make the needs of the plastic film blowing machine, with high technical content of the need to bring the equipment to hasten to update and obsolete equipment constantly screening machinery, plastic blow molding machine is high speed to carry out the primary motivation.Dalian ABA blown film plastic blow molding machine maintenance methods of vendors would teach you:

1, if it's work time is too long, before the shutdown cooling fan should be open, stay cool again after shutdown, not cooling down, damage of high-temperature belt is simple.

2, serious wear and tear parts should be timely replacement, to extend engine life.

3, place the machine in ventilated dry place, usually at room temperature at 25 ℃ or so.

4, should be regularly dust removal, adhere to the machine to clean.Best unplug when not in use, with a cover to hide it.

5, thermal zone shall be in addition to dirt, regularly to ensure the sealing quality.

6, two days, each operation to all moving parts should be loaded with 6 # engine oil, first in the place such as gears, bearings and gearboxes.

Plastic packaging film brought great convenience to people to live, in the market share is more and more big, specially is the compound plastic flexible packaging, has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, such as category, and for food packaging in the proportion of the largest, is like a beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packing, cooking food, fast food packaging, etc.These plastic packaging film is produced by the blown film machine, blown film function of several kinds of thin film production.

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