PVC film blowing machine production principle


Dalian PE blown film crewFactory specializing in the production ofPE film blowing machine,Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machineABA, blown film machine, blown film machine, high and low pressure high speed miniature blown film machine, such as PVC film blowing machine production process and produces what principle is, for you to introduce below:

PVC film blowing machine production process and produces principle:

Will attend the next hopper, boring polyethylene particles on grain of blown film machine's own weight from the hopper into the screw, when the aggregate and thread oblique edge after touching, revolving oblique edge facing plastic occurrence and rib faces straight thrust, plastic particles move goes on, goes on in the process, because the plastic and screw, plastic and conflict between barrel and the knock against friction between particles blown film machine, also gradually due to material tube of external heat melt together.Molten plastic by head die out from the die and approved by the wind ring cooling, blowing the herringbone board, drawing roller, winding will product film rolled into a cylinder., check the temperature automatic control, heating appliances complete, pay attention to timely control the heating temperature at various points within the target size.

PVC film blowing unit USES a rotary die head, frequency control of motor speed and automatic constant temperature control technology, to produce products good plasticizing and film thickness uniformity, transparency, flatness, the quality indexes such as shrinkage level printing film technology standards.The unit compact bodies, easy to operate, PVC film blowing machine mainly consists of the following parts: extrusion machine, rotary die head, cooling wind ring, the first traction, hot water tank and finalize the design, the second traction (electric hoist), the double location winding machine, extrusion and mechanical and electrical control cabinet and auxiliary electric control cabinet.

1, check the manipulation of the material proportioning and mixing.

2, regularly check the motor temperature rise and mechanical conditions.

3, check the drawing speed, manipulation of the thin film thickness.

4, check the air cylinder pressure storage, not too high, but shall have the standby pressure.

5, investigation, adjustment of thin film thickness uniform, folding size fit norms.

6, check the material presence of impurities, immediately with a magnet to check the iron mixed with all the more.

7, view space and a slowdownAir compressorOil cylinder smooth smooth condition.

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