PE blown film vendors would introduce the commonly used material blown film machine

PE blown film vendors would introduce the commonly used material blown film machine

Blown film machine commonly used materials do you know?dalianPE film blowing machineFactories introduce you several kinds of blown film machine commonly used materials.

Double color of blown film machine features:

Used for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLPE) plastic composite membrane, etc.Widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrate, export product packaging, industrial packaging, and food, fruit, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, etc. Packing of civil industrial products.SJ - 450 * 2 extruder barrel and screw adopt high quality alloy steel, after nitriding and precision machining, which has the best of the hardness and corrosion resistance.

Type 600 auxiliary according to the technological requirements of different material in 600 mm adjust freely within the scope of use, with version of institutions, making vest bag.Coiling unit adopts torque motor to keep proper tension, winding and tidy, convenient for volume change.


Low density polyethylene degrees polyethylene (LDPE) is a kind of plastic material, it is suitable for thermoplastic processing a variety of molding process, forming good workability.LDPE main purpose is for thin film product, also used in plastic injection products, medical devices, pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, hollow blow molding products, etc.


Linear low density polyethylene, structurally different from general of low density polyethylene, because there is no long branches chain.LLDPE linearity depends on the different production process of LLDPE and LDPE.LLDPE under lower temperature and pressure, usually by a olefins such as ethylene and senior butene, hexene or octene copolymerization and generated.Copolymerization process of LLDPE polymers with narrow molecular weight distribution, better than the average LDPE with linear structure at the same time make its have different rheological properties.


HDPE (High Density Polyethylene, referred to as "HDPE"), is a kind of High crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin.Square one HDPE appearance has milk-white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent.PE has excellent resistance to most of the life and the characteristics of industrial chemicals.Some kinds of chemicals can produce chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidant (nitric acid), aromatics (xylene) and halogenated hydrocarbon (CTC).The polymer is not hygroscopic and has a good waterproof steam, can be used for packaging purposes.HDPE has the very good performance, especially high insulation dielectric strength, make it very suitable for wire and cable.In the level of high molecular weight has excellent impact resistance, even at room temperature under 40 f low temperature are so.

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