Dalian Long Yao plastic machinery co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery and equipment manufacturers, dalian PE blown film factory main production of various kindsPE film blowing machine,、Three-tier co-extrusion blown film machine、ABA blown film machine, a variety of multi-layer co-extrusion composite membrane units, etc.ABA blown film factory has the abundant technical force, perfect management and quality assurance system.Over the years, three-tier co-extrusion blown film vendors would rely on scientific and technological progress and reliable product quality, won the trust of users, the products sell well in cities across the autonomous region.

   The company mainly produces all kinds of high and low density polyethylene (PVC, polypropylene, film crew, greenhouses mould unit, multi-layer co-extrusion composite film unit, has advantages of reasonable design, simple operation and a uniform film, the efficiency high characteristic, at the same time, form a complete set of advanced frequency conversion technology makes the unit wide speed range, high precision, energy-saving effect is more obvious.Reliable product quality, good after-sales service, well received by the customers, welcome to visit our company and the choose and buy.


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